TOTO-LINK N150RH 150Mbps Long Range Wireless N Router


– 150Mbps Wireless N Speed
– Wider Range, Less Dead Spot
– Dual AccessVLAN for Amazing IPTV Experience
– Flexible Power Supply by Passive PoE
– Outstanding Bandwidth Control with QoS
– Robust Security


N150RH is a Long Range Wireless N Router which complies with 802.11n standard and can deliver up to 150Mbps wireless transmission speed. Equipped with one detachable high gain antenna, N150RH is designed for long disance signal transfer with stable throughput. Besides, it allows users to access internet by DHCP/ Static IP/ PPTP(dual access)/ L2TP(dual access)/ PPPoE(dual access) with VLAN for IPTV experience, more popular and practical for medium-sized home and small office use.

150Mbps Wireless N Speed
Complying with the 802.11n standard, it delivers up to 150Mbps wireless transfer rate for users to enjoy the best wireless connection and Internet access.

Wider Range, Less Dead Spot
One 5dBi antenna and high output power design significantly enhances the stability of wireless signal and extends wireless range to reduce dead spots.

Dual Access
N150RH supports multiple networking modes like PPPoE/PPTP/L2TP dual access with stable throughput, compatible with more different Internet Service providers.

VLAN for Amazing IPTV Experience
VLAN supported can effectively satisfy user’s individual requirement in case one of the family members want to watch IPTV while others want to surf Internet.

Flexible Power Supply by Passive PoE
Long distance power supply can be achieved by Passive PoE, making the deployment more flexible and easy.

Outstanding Bandwidth Control with QoS
Intelligent QoS efficiently improves the bandwidth utilization and is better for network priority control..

Robust Security
The most advanced WPA/WPA2 (TKIP/AES) encryption is provided to ensure the security of wireless connection without having to worry about unauthorized use.

– Complies with IEEE 802.11n/g/b standards for 2.4GHz Wireless LAN.
– Up to 150Mbps data rate for WiFi network.
– Supports DHCP/Static IP/PPPoE(dual access)/PPTP(dual access)/L2TP(dual access) broadband functions.
– Provides 64/128-bit WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA/WPA2 (TKIP+AES) security.
– Connects to secure network easily and fast using WPS.
– Supports IP, Port, MAC, URL filtering and Port Forwarding.
– QoS: Bandwidth Control based on IP/MAC.
– Multi-SSID allows user to create multiple SSIDs according to their needs.
– Supports VLAN function for IPTV and other internet services.
– Universal repeater and WDS function for easy Wi-Fi extension.
SSH Server function ensures the security of remote login.
High output power expands the wireless coverage and improve connection stability.
Supports TR-069 protocol for remote centralized management.
Supports passive PoE power supply.